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Are You Willing?

Jun 16, 2024    Gary Martin

Jesus was willing to be crucified for our sins. Read the real Lord's Prayer in John 17. What are we willing to do for Him and the glory of God? Why do so many Christians believe God gives out forgiveness in "installments"? We, as believers have been forgiven ALL trespasses (Colossians 2:13-14) God doesn't look at our ability. That's what we do. God looks at our WILLINGNESS! He will provide the "ability" if we provide the "willingness". Just make up your mind to be willing to do whatever God needs us to do. There are so many ways to serve Him. You could volunteer, teach, give, visit, pray for, encourage, missionary, worship, sing, etc.

He doesn't look at what you have. He already knows what He gave you. Remember, He made you.